Friday, July 29, 2005

Cheese Friday: Everybody Dance!

Have a happy Cheese Friday.

MSN has a great article/list of how to pick the perfect cheese.
Click Here
Now go back to dancing.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Chronicles Of Work: A Googleplex Of Geekery

So I'll cover two days in one.

Yesterday - Wednesday wasn't much of a big deal.

I go back for the 3rd time to set up a speaker outisde for a bunch of lawyers (The OC Bar Assocaition - so judgmental lawyers at that) because they're having their celebration of being overtly white by the poool. The celebration was replete with a steel durm player (white guy), many many safe, yet colorful drinks and plenty of the "White Man's Uniform" to be had (light blue shirt with khaki pants). The steel drum guy (a quickly balding 30 something guy that seemed baffled by simply being awake) already had a P/A system and a mic set up, bnut lawyers being lawyers, they wanted another one - so I obliged.

After going to play poker (and winning only 8 bucks, but winning anything is still a win. Anyway, more on my game theories in a later post) I go back to break the speaker down and set up for the next day - today, Thursday. As I'm setting up I notice Carlos and Mauricio, the banquet captains watching me sweat my ass off (a gross picture if you take it literally) getting things ready. When I clap my hands together ala Vegas blackjack dealers to get ready to go they swiftly tell me that everything I set up has been changed.

This makes me angry.

I tear it all down and come back even later to set up for today.

Flash forward to today. I have to get my car fixed (something with the hamster falling off the wheel) so me and my goodlady wife (this is a joke - as the terms "goodlady wife", "lover" and "ladyfriend", along with Chris DeBurgh's "The Lady In Red" song all make me want to wretch violently for days on end) take the car to get all gussied up.

I stop by the hotel to give everyone their lavaliers (the clip-on unit for wireless mics) and speed off to drop the car off. I drop off the ol' battle axe (kidding, kidding, oh Jesus I'm kidding) and head for Target, as I'm apt to do at least once a day. Later I go back by to break down one event and stop to talk to Herminio. We chat about homes, cars and the price of life while I pack everything up.

Igo to put things back in my car and then come inside to let them know I'll be back later tonight to get the rest fo everything broken down. Herminio and Francisco are setting up one of the weekly Rotary Club meetings chatting about houses still. Then out of nowhere Herminio tells me that Francisco laughs like Scooby-Doo. I do my best imitation of Scooby laughing and they both get a good little chortle (good word, feel free to use it) out of it. As I'm wandering out of the room satisfied that I've made someone's day a little brighter, Herminio start singing the Scooby-Doo (the original and best one) theme in a thick-ass Mexican accent. I go to my car laughing harder than I have in a while and I'm off to write this entry.

Later, before the Thursday Knights' weekly convention, I'll go tear down the Mircobiologist's event and my goggleplex of geekery week will come to a close.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Comments Show That You Care.

Lately we've been getting a lot of action over on the comments side of our little community. I think that's great (like you care! sniff sniff) and I am trying to put in some new features that make leaving comments easier.
Comments are just one of the ways you can be sure that your post was read and enjoyed, just ask new contributor, Peace Girl. Right Peace Girl?

PeaceGirl sez: "I hate my parents"

Uncle Toby learns how to use a computer.

"...and remember, if you make a mistake just hit apple Z"

This Is A Test

Don't delete this one, 'kay?

It's A Girl!!!

Thane & Kristi are now parents.

Avery Nicole Tomlinson
Born July 27th, 2005 at 5:44pm
19 inches 7 lbs 1oz

Looks strangely like the mail man.

Is this really a shock???

"Payola Shocker: J-Lo Hits, Others Were 'Bought' by Sony"

excerpt from Sony internal memos:

"Please be advised that in this week's Jennifer Lopez Top 40 Spin Increase of 236 we bought 63 spins at a cost of $3,600."

"Please be advised that in this week's Good Charlotte Top 40 Spin Increase of 61 we bought approximately 250 spins at a cost of $17K …"

Am I just cynical or is this just more proof of what we all already know? Every few years another story comes out claiming, "Payola Shocker". Anyone who thinks payola is dead, is naive.

To read more Click Here

*UPDATE* Sony BMG settles in Payola scandal Click Here

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Chronicles Of Work: More Scientists Are Coming

Well today was really nothing.

I made a quick run into the "Plant People's" domain - all was well. I gave "Sanka-Ben" a couple business cards to which he looked me square in the eyes and said, "A/V is doing great." It was more than a little creepy, but it was a compliment (I guess) ala aged nerdy biologist's speak. I smiled at one of the women in charge, grabbed a Diet Pepsi and a cookie and wandered out in to the day.

Several very warm hours passed. I bought new black pants, I cleaned my backyard and watched "Jackie Brown" (a movie I didn't really like at first, but now I'm kinda getting to like it more).

Now I just got back from setting up things for tomorrow. Some microbiology group is coming in for 2 days. I don't know who let all of the scientists out (don't sing the song, every time you do a kitty is killed), but they seem to be flocking to humid hotels in beach areas. You have been warned.

A couple of the housemen were there setting up chairs. I was checking the wireless mic and letting them speak into it. It was like watching a kid with a box at Christmas. They were saying something Spanish into it. It was something they all had a huge laugh about, which made me wonder what they were saying about me now. It wouldn't be the first time they'd speak their "Latin Code" in reference to my extreme whiteness.

One day one of the housemen kept asking me questions in Spanish to which Mauricio (the night banquet captain) kept telling me to say no to and just move on. Later, I found out he was trying to pigeon hole me into answering sexually incriminating questions. Unfortunately due to the extensive brain cell murder I comitted in high school and beyond, I forgot how he said "blowjob" in Spanish. Dammit that porobably would come in handy - sometime - I think.

Being there with the housemen is like being around a bunch of girls in 3rd grade while they whispered and giggled little perverse secrets to each other while pointing and laughing at me. What? That never happened to me - shutup - I don't know what it means - leave me alone.

So I finished setting up stuff and came home. It was a very quiet day and night. I'll be there tomorrow at 8 in the morning and we'll see what happens then.

I know, boring entry, but I'm trying to be studious about this blog thingamajigger.

USB Deliciousness

Why are all things Japanese so incredibly whacked... yet at the same time so incredibly enticing.

You've probably heard of this company that produces USB storage devices in the shape of rubber duckies - Solid Alliance. They often merge cute or unusual items into USB technology to create rather utilitarian adornments for your workspace.

Cute duck toys are one thing. Now, they are just pushing things too far now. One of the most interesting facets of Japanese culture is the presentation of plastic food items that are often displayed in restaurant windows as a means of showing the public what items area available on their menu. The production of these plastic food items has almost become an art form, each piece produced by hand. There is also a big market for collecting these food-arts and buyers will often pay top dollar for rare or unusual items.

I present to you "Cable ga Naporitan" (The Napolitan Cable). Bon Appetit.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Chronicles Of Work: Paranoid Plant People

It's 7 a.m. and the phone rings. I pick up to the familiar tone of "Hello, my freend. Mr. Andy (as Herminio so likes to use the "Hop-Sing" version of my name) they want to talk to you in the foyer. The people this morning." One big sigh, I throw the covers off me after a rousing 3 hours of sleep.

It's already too hot and my black pants ripped on the inside, so I throw on a different pair of pants (why is it a pair by the way, there's one of 'em - man that's annoying) and wearily drive down to see what could be wrong. You see last night around 9:30 p.m. or so I went down and set up the stuff for Plant Growth Regulation Society Of America (yes, that's their name and its real - painfully real/apropos). The setup - an easy one; a big ol' cradle screen and a podium mic. They were hanging out talking of rhododendrons and their realtion to prime time t.v. in the 70s or some shit like that, but they were nice people. Nothing like talking to half drunk biologists while setting up stuff in a room that hasn't had the A/C on for 2 or 3 days. So everything was set so I didn't have to do the whole wake up when badness wakes up thing.

I get there and get inside as it's only 8 a.m. and already hot as Hades. After walking through the kitchen, saying my half-hearted hello to the chef (I think his name is Gil, but everyone calls him chef so I'm not too sure. I find that weird too. I mean I don't go around addressing people by their occupation. "Hi Cashier!", "Hey there Gardener!", "How ya doin' Retiree" - just seems odd to me, anyhoo...) and then watch Francisco and Herminio talk their foreign language thingy while I wait to go in to see what the Plant People need.

The foreign guy finishes his little lecture about ferns and their sexual proclivities/fetishes. I swoop in and talk to the slow motion old guy in charge. He sounded like a 78 on 33 1/3 (if anyobdy still knows what I mean) and smelled of a fine yet subtle mixture of Sanka and Ben-Gay. Basically, it turns out they need nothing. They just wanted someone there all day to wait for something to go wrong. To which I promptly tell them they can't afford me to be there all day (separate charge and the whining I would've dealt out would have been murder on them).

They're a bit of a paranoid bunch, albeit timidly paranoid - ya know scientists and all. I calm them down with some b.s. thing about mics or something, I can't really remember already. Then I take my leave of the biggest collection, this side of Comic-Con, of the most sexless room I've ever been in.

That's it - mellow day today. "So I have that goin' for me , which is nice."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

On A Different Note

I found the electronic song used inthe robot dancing gecko Geico commercial.

It's called "Sweet World" from Omega Men.

Oh, and also... I won $1,700 on a slot machine today.

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Chronicles Of Work: H.L.I.F.

Epilogue to Thursday:
After getting back to the hotel I discovered to my dismay (albeit expectant dismay) that one of the many Rotary Club clients that come to the hotel (and no, they have nothing to do with brakes, who knew - hmm) asked to have pipe and rape put up for their event - the magic show.

This would be no big deal one little run of it and I'm out. However, these are the same guys that asked for it first off - I said cool I'll get it done. Then a day later said they didn't need it - awesome, less work for me. The day after that, it was back on the order. Dateline: Thursday morning - they don't need it. So I'm off to a meeting.

(Tangent: Meetings. I hate them. I think having a meeting once a month just to say hey see how things are going is fine. But when they keep coming one after the other, then those meetings spawn more meetings about what was discussed at the last meeting - this makes Puma go nutso. So when I have a meeting I do my best to go to it, nod my head and skulk out as unnoticed as possible)

During the meeting the hotel calls. (I know its the hotel because of the ringtone on my phone. This whole separate ringtone for people you don't wanna hear from is simply sweet as sweet can be by the way.) Guess what, they want the pipe and drape back. Cue me and another guy rushing off to the hotel. The other guy goes and picks up the truck with the pipe and I run to the hotel to get the "rape" ready. (Tee-hee) I go to the room ask where it goes, they say here, I say great, then... 5 minutes later a guy comes over and says, "Ah, forget it, we really don't need it - it's too late now. If it was up on time, we would have used it." Doing my best to hold in my "HOGAN!!! / ROBOT HOUSE!!!" (Colonel Klink's exclamation and the dean from the robot college on Futurama - ah forget it) I call the guy coming with the truck he aborts, I abort and Thursday goes out like a slowly deflating swimming pool.

Hello Friday:
I'd say T.G.I.F. or something but with this job there's no such thing as a god that allows weekends. It's more like H.L.I.F. - "Hey Look It's Friday".

I wake to the sound of classic rock screaming at me from our $10 Target alarm clock thinking, sweet I can sleep in. Roundabout 7:30, it's the ringtone. I answer to Herminio's slightly panicked (he kinda gets this jittery nervous inflection in his voice when anything even remotely techy comes his way) voice asking "They can't feegure out how to turn on the proyector in the room , can you come down and show them." After letting out a sigh and hanging my head (ala Tom Dooley), I tell Herminio that the button inscribed with "Standby/On" is the one they want - I hang up.

Fast forward, or more like crawl forward (it is pre-10a.m. after all, every sane person's preferred earliest time to wake up) and the ring comes back. This time its, "Hi my freend, the proyector, iss shaking now, like all the time." I do my best Willace Drummond "Say What!" and tell Herminio I'll just come down. So I straighten out the unintentional morning "fauxhawk' I always get, throw on half of the "All-Blacks" (this time with shorts because it's mucho caliente already) and head down.

While I'm drving down I'm realizing these guys are the guys who build big industrial power tools. Like the designers are there, big math guys who can figure the land speed of the North African swallow but can't find the On button on a projector. This rant gets me awake and I feel better as I pull up. I see Francisco, the stocky Mexican housemen, he says something about a table - again (I think there's a developing fetish in there somewhere for him) and I go to the room. The projector is on, there's no quaking, all is well. I have no idea what this shaking "proyector" was all about but, oh well, I'm awake now. So as my reward I grab a free cheese Danish and head off to tear down the stuff from the day before. I'm done, I'm outta there and I head out to meet the day.

I go see "The Devil's Rejects" (I'm a sucker for horror movies good or bad. I just love 'em and I don't know why). The movie was good(?) At the very least it's hard to put my finger on it, but I talked about it all day so I guess I liked it - I think.

Move up to an hour ago 10 p.m. (You see this job is a going back and forth kinda thing over and over, day after day. It's nice to have some time off here and there during the day, but sometimes it seriously cuts into my stealing music from the internet time, and I think we all know how important that is) I go back to the hotel to help take the "pipe and rape" down with guys from another company. One of the kids looks like Mowgli from "The Jungle Book" and I think to myself, "Hey I love that movie, it's my favorite animated movie ever, this has turned out to be an alright day - sweet!" We get it packed up and on a truck heading for a show in Minnesota and I'm back here typing away listening to the "They Live" score. (Another great movie, despite what some people may tell you)

I have a weekend this week - kinda, so I'll be back on Monday to let you know how the Plant Growth Researchers Of America show goes - yes it's a real group.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Chronicles Of Work: Pipe And Rape

I work at a medium sized hotel in Southern California doing the house A/V (Audio/Visual).

It's not a good job, it's not a bad job, it has its moments and then it also has it's moments.

Every day brings something very last minute and unusual. That's the best part of the job - and the worst part too. So I've decided to let y'all in just what the hellck (a witty combo of hell and heck, akin to the Frankenweiner combo, but I digress) I do all day and sometimes night.

I awoke to the alarm clock blairing in my ear (because its really the only way I hear any alarm. It must first and foremost slighlty damage my hearing) at the neato hour of 6:00 a.m.. For those of you that don't know me, I hate the morning, I don't like morning people and I especially hate that warm/heavy-headed feeling of waking up entirely too early for anyone's health. I rolled outta the sack, took my shower, got dressed in my "All-Blacks" (the "uniform for the Radisson is my black button-up and black pants - a hatred for another day) and sped my way to the hotel.

When I got there I was greeted by one of the "housemen" (the guys who set everything up, not a charter member of the John Houseman fan club, although I would kinda like to be greeted by one of them just out of morbid curiosity), Francisco. Now Francisco is a really nice guy. He talks in broken/mangled/dismembered English and I in my Sesame Street Spanish for a bit then we go on our merry-ish little ways. He said something about a table today - I think. Anyway, I go check to see that everything I set up the night before (as I often do to avoid getting up even earlier sometimes) is still in place. Everything's kosher, I'm good to go.

Next I track down Herminio, one of the banquet captains and one of the coolest guys on staff. He greets me with his trademark "How're you doing my friend?!" in a purposely overexaggerated Mexican accent that I can't get enough of. I tell him about not having enough pipe and drape (exactly what it sounds like) for the magic show (yes, magic show) in one of the ballrooms. He gets his immediate "concerned Hispanic guy" look on his face then we trot to the office. After leaving a message for Carlos (the main banquet manager, we'll talk about him another day) I notice he says "pipe and rape". After laughing unusually hard I explain to him that he may want to watch who, where and when he says it. To which he gives me the confused puppy look. I continue to explain to him the monumental difference between drapery and rapery (I know, but it sounds cool). We share another big laugh and he proceeds to tell me a quick blurb about filling out a report one day and writing down "gays" instead of "guys". Herminio's a funny guy.

So I go upstairs, make sure my daily invoices are done, which again is a story unto itself. (Things change there without anybody knowing they changed and trying to invoice anything often turns out to be a "choose your own adventure").

After finishing up my paperwork, I go down to make sure everything's a-okay, and it is. Next, I go outside to see if another event we put up "pipe and rape" for is doing good and all is well. One of the guys in charge (a nice guy from Chicago that when I talked him yesterday had a massive booger in his left nostril that I couldn't take my off of for fear it was like that inner mouth thing in "Alien" and may decide to bite my face off) is hanging out assessing the soon-to-be/inevitable debacle that will be his event. The set-up is still standing - which is always a positive when putting things up for a show - and I am free to go. I make my own in and out times, one of the big perks of the job, so when everything is ready for the day, so am I.

I have to go back this afternoon and change things over a bit, but all in all today was mellow by the hotel's standards. If anything else happens, you'll find out first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Man Lands On Moon, Scotty Dies - CONSPIRACY???

It was 36 years ago today. The world was a different place. We were (in some manner) just floating along on this big blue marble. Contrary to what my mother believes we put a man on the moon and lo and behold, a phrase was coined that made any of mankind's shortcomings inexcusable.

"If we can put a man on the moon, (why can't they make a light beer that tastes like the regular beer?)"
- Patrick Llewellyn, 17. Moments after drinking an entire case of "Diet Budweiser for Teens" at a Budweiser test facility in St. Louis Missouri.

Also, James "Scotty" Doohan died this morning at the ripe old age of 104. Doohan invented (among other things); an artificial heart that runs on Pepsi, a safe renewable energy source, glasses that gave the wearer x-ray vision, and his proudest achievement, a cure for all forms of Cancer.

Doohan also appeared briefly in a science fiction program during the 1960's but I couldn't find out much about it.

thePrisoner (steals your Mom's internet).

RIP- Scotty, you magnificent bastard. :'(


Click my mohawk to see some fatabulous footage.

I pity the fool who don't watch my video!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Friday, July 15, 2005

Cheese Friday: Cheese Fraud

Two Charged with Phony Cheese Sales

The company "was essentially an illusion as a business and a lie for investors," says a prosecutor; government alleges $600 million in mostly fictitious transactions.
Stephen Taub,
July 13, 2005
Two former executives of now-defunct cheese manufacturer Suprema Specialties Inc. have been charged in a scheme to book millions of dollars in phony sales to defraud the company's lenders and investors, according to U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie.

Co-founder, former chairman, and former chief executive officer Mark Cocchiola, as well as former chief financial officer and corporate secretary Steven Venechanos, were each indicted on 38 counts of conspiracy, bank fraud, securities fraud, and mail and wire fraud.

click here for more

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I get paid for doing this!

Not only do I get to listen to music, but I get to check out old stuff!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Your pal, William Hung

Meet William Hung. William studied Civil Engineering at UC Berkley, but his dream was to make music his career. William captured the hearts of Americans across the country who watched him sing and dance his heart out on American Idol.

He now has a successful recording career.

He took on insurmountable odds and came out on top.

William Hung's latest album, Miracle: Happy Summer from William Hung, came out yesterday.

Dare to dream.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Real Things II (Sans the "Boogaloo")

Sure the bandages help heal the wound,
but the emotional damage is permanent.

Friday, July 08, 2005

More Senseless Tragedy!

"Dahlink I love you but give me Apo-Nadolol™"*

Game show guest and convicted cop-slapper, Zsa Zsa Gabor suffered a stroke earlier this week. Her husband, lovingly referred to as "Number Eight" also mentioned that she had undergone surgery to treat her post-stroke condition.
Gabor, age unknown, is best known for her... okay well I don't know why we all know her. She has always been one of those celebrity types who was famous for just being famous. Like the Paris Hilton of the 40s, and that brings me to an interesting discovery... Zsa Zsa Gabor is Paris Hilton's great aunt!!!

Genetics... that explains it!

*I know that Green Acres was Eva Gabor but come on, can you come up with a memorable quote from Zsa Zsa? Apo-Nadolol is a popular stroke medication (it's called Google folks, look into it).

UK:1 - Terrorists:0

Photo seen on BoingBoing.
The British are different. The British had the Blitz (among other challenges). The British have had the IRA bombers. The British endure. There is a reason that a tiny, tiny island created the dominant cultural backbone of the modern world.
Most recent reports say that the devices used in London were activated by timers (though there is some belief that the bus bomb may have been detonated by a suicide bomber). I hope that the bombs were activated by timers, that would mean that the bombers are still around. They will get to see how little their actions will affect the life of London, that people will still flock there, that life will go on, that four bombs on a rainy July morning barely made a mark (and certainly won't leave a mark). They will live the rest of their lives (hopefully short) in fear. They will meet their maker (whatever name they call him) as failures.

Turn on the radio in the UK today. You won't hear moaning, weeping, or despair. In fact right now they're playing the Beatles on Radio 2 and talking about plans for the weekend. Pretty much like they did a week ago.

Okay, enough of this serious stuff. After all, it is Cheese Friday

Cheese Friday: Try this scary looking but tasty Cheese.

Thursday, July 7, 2005
Plain People's cheese is quite complex
Amish farmers' co-op produces a blue with depth
The San Francisco Chronicle

In recent years, several struggling American dairy farmers have found a lifeline in artisan cheese production. The move into cheese, an expensive venture, hasn't paid off for everyone, but the successful farmers have been able to transform their milk from a low-priced, undifferentiated commodity into a desirable, high-value, branded product.

In the case of the new Schwarz und Weiss Natural Rind Blue, the farmers are Old Order Amish from three communities in Iowa and Minnesota.

These farmers have a long tradition of providing milk to the local creameries in 80-pound cans, but as these plants began to close, the farmers saw their customer base shrink and felt themselves increasingly at the mercy of the large dairies.

Determined to find a better, more certain market for their milk, they formed the Golden Ridge Cheese Cooperative to invest in a new cheese plant in Iowa.

Neville McNaughton, a respected cheese maker and consultant from New Zealand, helped them determine a style for the cheese and trained the non-Amish production staff.

The plant made its first cheese in October 2003 and, nine months later, took top honors for cow's milk blue at the American Cheese Society competition.

These tradition-bound farmers use no electricity and thus have no milking machines or modern refrigeration.

McNaughton's initial breakthrough was persuading them to build icehouses to keep their evening milk cold. The morning milk goes straight to the dairy.

Schwarz und Weiss Natural Rind Blue is made from pasteurized Jersey and Holstein milk.

The wheels weigh about 5 pounds and are aged at least 90 days, but may be 120 days old or more.

McNaughton says he is working on a 180-day-old cheese in response to customer requests and that the extra age makes the texture even smoother and the flavor more peppery.

I've now sampled this Amish blue cheese three times. One sample appeared to have been mishandled at some point; it was overly wet, overly pungent and entering into a stage I would characterize as "breakdown." The other two were divine, one clearly more mature than the other, yet I liked both.

The younger one was mild, moist and a little crumbly, with a milky sweetness that balanced the salt, although this isn't a particularly salty blue in any case.

The younger version also had less blue veining in its ivory paste; people who tend to shy away from blues should find this style completely approachable.

Some retailers are labeling this cheese Amish Blue instead of Schwarz und Weiss ("black and white" in German), the latter name selected to suggest the Amish people's commitment to the plain and simple life.

In contrast, their cheese is refined and complex, with lingering, milky flavors that make you want another taste.

A glass of Bodegas Dios Baco Amontillado, a luscious, gently sweet sherry that smells of caramel and roasted nuts, complements it to perfection.

Iowa Amish Blue available at Bristol Farms, (949) 760-6514, for $9.99 a pound.

-I'm busy today. Happy Cheese Friday!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Will it ever stop?

I know this is our space to be silly, but this shouldn't be ignored.
read more

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Coming Soon To An On-Ramp Vendor Near You!

You know how you spot a forgery? If you look closely, really closely, you may notice the word "specimen" printed on this bill. That means it is ONLY good for buying flowers, oranges or peanuts at a freeway on-ramp or busy intersection.

If you try to pass this off as legitimate currency at say... a stripclub, then you will almost certainly get a spiked heel jabbed very close to your crotch and a gut punch from an angry bouncer. Don't ask how I know this, just accept is as fact.

thePrisoner (still walkin' funny)

Who Doesn't Have A Posse?

These posses are getting ri-goddam-diculous...

thePrisoner (no posse)

Charles Darwin has a posse

click me

Lookitmee!! I'm Stoopid!

Watch this video of a guy skateboarding off of a
garage roof
. I'm surprised he's not injured or dead.

(via Rocketboom)

So Now I See Where I Was Doing It Wrong!

Remember the 80's? When I was in Junior High, this thing called AIDS came along and created a thing called SAFE SEX. Not that it really stopped people from doing "it", it just gave dorks like me an excuse if no one wanted to do "it" with me (which they didn't don't).

So our good friend Nels was doing his weekly google search for "free, anonymous sex, Polo Shirt, swinger, bed-wetter support group" and found a fascinating link.

From their site:

What is greenlighting?
Greenlighting is when a male or female (often bisexual) will wear a green shirt, either polo or otherwise, and "pop" or pull their collar up. This marks them as being ready for sex with anyone who chooses them, be it male or female, they are "collared" when someone approaches them and pulls their collar down.

Well, there you have it, keep an eye out for any unkempt pretty boys in green Polo Shirts. My Mom bought me Hunt Club from JC Penney, which might be another reason I never got any.

thePrisoner (liked green shirts already)

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Dawnser Lee Light

4th of July, by X

She's waitin' for me
when I get home from work
oh, but things ain't just the same
She turns out the light
and cries in the dark
won't answer when I call her name

On the stairs I smoke a
cigarette alone
Mexican kids are shootin'
fireworks below
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July

She gives me her cheek
when I want her lips
but I don't have the strength to go
On the lost side of town
in a dark apartment
we gave up trying so long ago

On the stairs I smoke a
cigarette alone
Mexican kids are shootin'
fireworks below
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July

What ever happened I
so dry your tears and baby
walk outside, it's the Fourth of July

On the stairs I smoke a
cigarette alone
Mexican kids are shootin'
fireworks below
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July
Hey baby, Baby take a walk outside

Happy Independence Day, kids!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Setec Astronomy

Q: Is it possible to not have 'enough' secrets?

thePrisoner (may not even exist)

Who's With Me? *revised*

July 16th, 2005
Sign up in the comments section.

If you don't wanna go, I don't wanna know.
Besides, we don't have anywhere as cool as Friar Tuck's in the OC yo! Werd!

Click the damn link, you wussies!!!

thePrisoner (needs to get out more)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 begins...

Paul McCartney takes the stage with U2. He sings Sgt. Pepper's, and it is terrible.

Podcast - Try It.

Do you have iTunes? Have a copy on me.

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I know that there are other applications, but once and for all that Musicmatch software sucks butt.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Tank is back!

Cheese Friday: The Cheese Ninja Strikes!


(SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY) - April 20, 2005 - A mysterious ninja crept into a live television broadcast, whizzing processed cheese toward a news team and quietly tiptoeing through their report.

The stealthy invader infiltrated a WXXA-TV Fox23 broadcast undetected, as a reporter deadpanned through a live report, seemingly unaware of the cheese bombardment that ensued. One witness claimed that the cheese slinger vanished as quickly as he appeared on the scene.

Members of NEWSBREAKERS, ...claimed responsibility for the intervention.

Video of the event is available here .

"Cheese - especially packaged and processed cheese - has become a main tool of TV news," said NEWSBREAKERS anchor JD Rozz. "The honorable ninja nobly returned the wayward product to its original owner as a gesture of civic responsibility."

"I'm not going to lie to you, I took some heat from my colleagues for forecasting cheese in this evening's forecast," said NEWSBREAKERS chief meteorologist Norm Weathers. "But I saw ninja. I can't explain why, but whenever I see ninja afoot, I must predict cheese storms."

According to witnesses at the scene, the shadowy ninja bore uncanny resemblance to the fabled Cheese Ninja, believed to exist only in kung-fu legend. Cheese Ninja is regarded by many as the great master of media jujitsu.

NEWSBREAKERS is a nonpartisan, nonviolent media watchdog group. It offers comment and critique on the role of television news in informing the public. The group relies on parody and non-traditional media transformations. It is currently planning future events.


-Thank you Josh for the info.