Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making Magic*

* results may vary. This is not a guarantee, warrantee or prediction.
Before sampling 'magic' consult with your doctor. Magic may cause
unsightly rash, irritable bowel, coughing, delusions of grandeur,
general irritability, excessive sweating, gnomes, forgetfulness,
redundancy and redundancy.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Haiku

Moody Firewire drive
Why were you fine this morning
And not so much now?
-- thePrisoner (wants to go home)

No Child Left Behind?

FORT WORTH — Students who had been planning to walk across the stage at graduation ceremonies this weekend were instead walking a picket line Thursday morning.


thePrisoner (Hooked on Phonics, worked for me.)

Cheese Friday™ : Who moved the cheese?

Found: 23,000 Lbs. Of Cheese Stolen From Rest StopPolice are looking to interview this man. He is a "person of interest" in the ongoing investigation.

SNOW SHOE, Pa. -- Police in Centre County have found the cheese.

Troopers say the refrigerated trailer loaded with 23,000 pounds of cheese stolen from a rest stop in Snow Shoe Township along Interstate 80 was found Thursday abandoned along the same highway in New Jersey.

The 1998 Great Dane trailer had minor damage but the cargo of cheese was still inside -- untouched.

The trailer was taken sometime between 2 a.m. Monday and 2 p.m. Tuesday after the driver of the rig took the tractor to a repair shop.

-Mr. DNA (has an alibi)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's In Your Wallet?

While attending Greg and Tracy's wedding this weekend I lost my wallet. I've made all the calls to the last places I remember having it etc and torn up any places it might be even though I don't think it is. I'm pretty pissed.
By sheer coincidence I had left my debit/ATM card at Jason's before we left, so at least that isn't gone. However all the other good walletty stuff is lost. I sat down to make a list of all the stuff I'll have to replace but thought this might be an interesting (ok, scratch interesting) topic for discussion.

What is in your wallet? Here's what I remember being in mine.

1. Current Driver's License.
2. Old Driver's License.
3. Old School ID (still good for discount movie tickets).
4. Current Auto Insurance Card.
5. Several Old Auto Insurance Cards.
6. Lots of Receipts.
7. Regal Movie Club Card.
8. Universal Life Church ID card (laminated, looked homemade).
9. AAA Card.
10. Vons Club Card.

11. Apple Gift Card ($50 boo hoo).

That's all I have right now, but I'm sure there was more.

...and now that I'm in the market for a new wallet, does anyone have any suggestions? My old wallet was 10 years old and had great sentimental value, so the new one has some big shoes to fill.

thePrisoner (no ID, no problem)

Uhhhh, SWEET!

Coming August 7th, 2007

'Nuff said.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cheese Friday™ : Big Cheese

(A reporter interviews one of the models sitting on the cheese.)

I just got back in town from New York. While I was there I happened upon the World's Largest Cheese Wheel! It was on display at Grand Central Station.

The cheese was made by Beemster, a Dutch company that make gourmet cheeses. There were a bunch of models dressed in traditional Dutch outfits (wooden shoes!) handing out samples. After I downed a few mini cheese wheels I looked over the stats for the big one. The wheel was over 6 feet wide and 1,323 pounds. I have to say, I would have thought the worlds biggest cheese wheel would be bigger. Don't get me wrong, it's big, but I just imagined "the biggest" would be as big as a truck.

While I was there I overheard a lady tell a reporter that if she won the lottery she'd try to buy the giant cheese wheel. And by the looks of her* I'd say she was serious. Me? Hey, I love cheese as much as the next guy. But my steel blue eyes can only get me so far with the ladies. I'm nothing without my rock hard abs.

*The worlds biggest cheese pales in comparison.

-Mr.DNA (has limits)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Drinky Crow Show

Click on the pic to watch and vote.

"The Cartoon Network's popular Adult Swim animation showcase just premiered (May 13th) the long-awaited pilot of The Drinky Crow Show, based on cartoonist Tony Millionaire's long-running Maakies comic strip. The show's comedy is brutal, existential, and hilarious. As with animated shows like The Simpsons or Futurama, The Drinky Crow show is a fast-paced, plot-twisting laff-riot combining adventure, romance, debauchery and graphic violence -- offering something for everybody!"

Our friend Scott works the show.

If you like the show please vote and give it a 10 so Scott can put food on the table for his pregnant wife. Also, sometimes I need a little cash and if Scott has a steady gig I know he'll hook me up.

Please watch and tell a friend. Do it for the children!

-Mr. DNA (approves of this message)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007


Ex-"Kid in the Hall" Kevin McDonald wins presidential election in France!
He now goes by the name Nicolas Sarkozy. No comment from Lorne Michaels as to what his role in the new government will be.

-Mr. DNA (is considering a move to France)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Cheese Friday: Cinco de Mayo (3rd time's a charm)

This is the 3rd year in a row I have posted my salute to Cinco de Mayo.
Wonder why we should celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. ?
Read on my friend, read on.
There will be a test later.

Cheese Friday would like to present the "Queso de la Sombrero" in honor of the Mexican Army kicking some French ass at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This victory had some far reaching repercussions.

Here's what happened:

May 5, 1862, General Laurencez led 6,000 - 8,000 French troops toward Puebla, Mexico, just 100 miles from Mexico City. Expecting the attack was General Ignacio Zaragoza, a Texas-born Mexican who had a force of 4,000 troops, many of them agricultural workers armed with antiquated rifles, machetes, rakes and hoes. The battle would take place in a muddy, uneven field.

To show his contempt for the Mexicans, Gen. Laurencez ordered his troops to attack through the middle of the foes’ defenses, their strongest position. The French cavalry went through ditches, over adobe ruins and toward the slope of Guadalupe Hill. By then, the cavalry, exhausted and nearly disbanded, failed to achieve its goal. The Mexican army stood its ground. Gen. Zaragoza, who had no experience in military tactics but was a veteran in guerrilla warfare, ordered his troops to go after the French, who fled to Orizaba, where Zaragoza attacked the French again, forcing them to flee to the coast.

Now some of you may say, "I'm an American, why should I care?". Well, in 1862 the United States weren't so united. We were in the middle of a Civil War and it was in France's best interest for the US to be split in two.

France was very concerned about the growth of the United States. The North American country’s rate of expansion and power was threatening to the other world powers. If France was successful in conquering Mexico, the possibility of marching north to aid the Confederates in dividing the United States into two less powerful and less threatening countries was very real.

If it wasn't for General Ignacio Zaragoza and his rag-tag bunch, the beginning of each school day growing up in California could have been very different. We might have pledged our allegiance to a Confederate Flag with French accents.

Cinco de Mayo, it's not just about selling beer.

Lets hear it for the underdog!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday Haiku

Breakfast served all day
Sandwiches on choice of bread
Tuna melt with slaw
--thePrisoner (from Sidekick)