Friday, August 31, 2007

Cheese Friday™ : "Oh, the Humanity!"

Cheese-bearing train derails
From the Visalia Times-Delta

Railroad tracks warped, officials said, by heat caused a two-car freight train bearing mozzarella cheese to derail Wednesday north of Farmersville.

The San Joaquin Valley Railroad train was carrying cheese from the Leprino cheese plant in Hanford to Fresno when it derailed near Avenue 315 and Charter Oak Drive.

Bob Jones, crew chief of contractors hired to clean up the derailment site, said workers are trying to rescue the cheese.

Jones said 100-plus degree temperatures in the area had weakened and warped the tracks when the train passed over them at 5:15 p.m.

-Mr. DNA (prays for the rescuers)

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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Originally Tobor was named Egabrag... true story.

thePrisoner (renosirp eht)

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Monday, August 20, 2007

For Justin: TONIGHT!

Just in case Toby didn't forward you my message a week or so ago.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Funny or sad?

Part of me laughs at these chumps and yet when you get right to it, I'm in the same boat. Who can say if McKillian is any less viable than any of my ideas.
My latest idea is a sci-fi mystery that combines The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with 2001.

But I've said too much already.

Cheese Friday™ : Cheese sculptures

"Indy 500 Cheese"
The sculpture is made of Indiana cheddar cheese and weighs nearly 1,300 pounds. The ADA commissioned the sculpture to celebrate the tradition of the Indianapolis 500 winner drinking milk in Victory Circle. Cheese artist Sarah Kaufmann says, "It's really neat".

"Mt. Cheesemore"
Cheesecarver and winemaker Troy Landwehr puts the finishing touches on a sculpture of Mount Rushmore carved from a 700 pound block of cheddar cheese...
(Thanks to Scott for the link.)

I may post more in the coming weeks. Is that a threat or an enticement? You decide.

-Mr. DNA (wonders how much Cheese was left after Troy was done)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Study: It doesn't pay to be smart

(from USA Today)
 Although money and mental muscles may seem a natural match, 
brains, alas, may be more hindrance than help when it comes to 
getting rich, concludes a new study in the journal Intelligence.

So all our loyal readers have an excuse...
The article is pretty interesting and can be read here.

thePrisoner (must be a fricking genius)

This One Is For Justin... (who will proabably never see it)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cheese Friday™ : How many ways can you fry Cheese?

The 2007 Orange County Fair came to a close last weekend, but fair officials are already getting ready for next year's fair. The recently announced theme of the 2008 O.C. Fair is, "Say Cheese".

From the OC Register:
The foam Cheesehead in Steve Beazley's office says more than you'd think about the future of the Orange County Fair.
The cheddar-orange cap is a prototype souvenir for next year's fair, themed "Say Cheese!" The motif was devised earlier than ever this year, reflecting a nascent effort to plan the fair at least 18 months in advance, a departure from the normal yearlong cycle.

18 months of planning for new and improved ways of serving Cheese.

Happy Cheese Friday!

-Mr. DNA

New Video Games Not As Good.

I only got this because I'm a fan of the franchise.  Push Car 1977 was awesome.

thePrisoner (rocking the DS)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Uh, What?

Who knew bustin' balls could be such fun?

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Holy Crap, Manimal!!!

By the time Manimal transforms, the bad guys were in Van Nuys.

Which was not that far away, but there was traffic and stuff.


thePrisoner (Manimal vs. Knight Rider)