Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pointless Drivel... Now With Sound!!!

Boy, y'all are lucky that my life is over. I am throwing myself into changing our little special place, into a fantastically little special place.
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Friday, May 27, 2005

Cheese Friday: Half Assed Bootleg Edition

This weekend our Cheese Friday curator is out of town doing his music thing. It falls on my rounded and sagging shoulders to maintain the fine tradition of Cheese Friday with this paltry offering.

In other news, I just had a sandwhich from Quiznos.

Enjoy the magical and spectacle of Memorial Day - our unofficial start of Summer. Be sure and join us next week for another slab of queso related trivialities

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More Time Wasters!

This family friendly site lets YOU decide which kitten is the cutest.
In the battle for supremacy known as KITTEN WARS!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

An African Lion much like this is responsible for the death of 28 Cambodian Midgets
Spectators cheered as entire Cambodian Midget Fighting League squared off against African Lion
Tickets had been sold-out three weeks before the much anticipated fight, which took place in the city of Kâmpóng Chhnãng.

The fight was slated when an angry fan contested Yang Sihamoni, President of the CMFL, claiming that one lion could defeat his entire league of 42 fighters.

Sihamoni takes great pride in the league he helped create, as was conveyed in his recent advertising campaign for the CMFL that stated his midgets will "... take on anything; man, beast, or machine."

This campaign is believed to be what sparked the undisclosed fan to challenge the entire league to fight a lion; a challenge that Sihamoni readily accepted.

An African Lion (Panthera Leo) was shipped to centrally located Kâmpóng Chhnãng especially for the event, which took place last Saturday, April 30, 2005 in the city’s coliseum.

The Cambodian Government allowed the fight to take place, under the condition that they receive a 50% commission on each ticket sold, and that no cameras would be allowed in the arena.

The fight was called in only 12 minutes, after which 28 fighters were declared dead, while the other 14 suffered severe injuries including broken bones and lost limbs, rendering them unable to fight back.

Sihamoni was quoted before the fight stating that he felt since his fighters out-numbered the lion 42 to 1, that they “… could out-wit and out-muscle [it].”

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

UPDATE: It appears that this story is bogus.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kylie Minogue has Breast Cancer

"Tue May 17, 6:05 AM ET
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Pop diva Kylie Minogue, whose hit album "Fever" went platinum in the United States, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has postponed her Australian and Asian tour, her management said on Tuesday."

You may remember her from her hit cover of "Locomotion" in the 80's or her appearance in the Bally's Total Fitness commercials. Those of you with cable or the dish may know her from Tivo-ing her recent music videos and watching them over and over in the privacy of your own home. Unless you know her from secretly frequenting dance clubs and coveting her ass, even though you are gay.

Well it's all over. Now you will soon know her as the face of Breast Cancer. I'm sure her agent is on the phone making deals with Bally's for a new line of Breast Cancer awareness spots, and a multitude of non-profit organizations to place Kylie as THE international face of Breast Cancer. PSA's are probably being written right now with Kylie in mind. All of the news rooms around the globe are buzzing with people trying to get together their comprehensive reports on Breast Cancer. With the hope of getting that Dateline story finished and aired before 20/20 gets Barbara Walters back to do a special report.

In some ways I guess it's a good thing for famous people to get diseases. If the information glut cracks the scull of one viewer who decides to do a self exam, and in-turn finds a lump early enough to save her life, isn't it worth it? You tell me.

I know one thing it help for sure. It keeps people in the news business employed.

This post is not meant to trivialize the scourge known as Cancer.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Some people are GAY! ...maybe? or not.

You know you've wanted him. Now maybe you can have him. Click Here

Sunday, May 15, 2005

From A Dietrich's, Darkly.

It's 10:41pm,
I'm sitting in a Tustin strip-mall leeching Wifi from the good folks at Dietrich's Coffee. They're still open, but they close at 11, two squad cars just pulled in to see what I am up to and so I'm crapping my pants a bit. I just wanted to check my mail and browse a little, no harm no foul. the two squads are right beside me and probably running my plates as we speak. Should I get out, go buy a cup of coffee and look like I'm not suspicious? I'm calling Tony to look like everything is cool.

We'll see.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Night Dork!

It's 8:45pm,
Friday night, fun night, party after the "helluva week I've had", kinda night. I am sitting on Tony's couch watching him play Doom3. As usual I am enjoying copious amounts of bandwidth, running more applications that my meager amount of RAM (256MB) can really maintain happy thoughts with. The MPAA (boo hiss) think that they have crushed all the good BitTorrent sites so I'm doing my best to prove them wrong. Tony is muttering to himself (or to his Xbox) and when I ask him to repeat himself, he claims to have no idea he was even speaking.

It's 8:50pm.
This was not a particularly good or bad week. Although (and I am trying NOT to feel sorry for myself) the more of these "not good or bad" weeks I have, the more I think that they are in fact bad weeks for the sole fact that they are so unremarkable.

It's 8:53pm.
Tony just dispatched some very noisy demon type things to the deepest pit of hell (which appears to be the level he is on in the game). I think we might go and see a movie?

It's 8:56pm.
Tony is non-committal on the movie suggestion, but did use actual words, so that was nice.

It's 9:00pm.
Tony reminds me that he only has one Xbox controller, so my participation in the game is quite impossible. I pretend that this is a bummer, however I have no doubt that I would suck at Doom3 and send Tony into non-verbal Xbox mumbles.


Cheese Friday: I got nuthin'

Happy Cheese Friday!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Cheese Friday: Queso de la Sombrero

Cheese Friday would like to present the "Queso de la Sombrero" in honor of the Mexican Army kicking some French ass at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This victory had some far reaching repercussions.

Here's what happened:

May 5, 1862, General Laurencez led 6,000 - 8,000 French troops toward Puebla, Mexico, just 100 miles from Mexico City. Expecting the attack was General Ignacio Zaragoza, a Texas-born Mexican who had a force of 4,000 troops, many of them agricultural workers armed with antiquated rifles, machetes, rakes and hoes. The battle would take place in a muddy, uneven field.

To show his contempt for the Mexicans, Gen. Laurencez ordered his troops to attack through the middle of the foes’ defenses, their strongest position. The French cavalry went through ditches, over adobe ruins and toward the slope of Guadalupe Hill. By then, the cavalry, exhausted and nearly disbanded, failed to achieve its goal. The Mexican army stood its ground. Gen. Zaragoza, who had no experience in military tactics but was a veteran in guerrilla warfare, ordered his troops to go after the French, who fled to Orizaba, where Zaragoza attacked the French again, forcing them to flee to the coast.

Now some of you may say, "I'm an American, why should I care?". Well In 1862 the United States weren't so united. We were in the middle of a Civil War and it was in France's best interest for the US to be split in two.

France was very concerned about the growth of the United States. The North American country’s rate of expansion and power was threatening to the other world powers. If France was successful in conquering Mexico, the possibility of marching north to aid the Confederates in dividing the United States into two less powerful and less threatening countries was very real.

If it wasn't for General Ignacio Zaragoza and his rag-tag bunch, the beginning of each school day growing up in California could have been very different. We might have pledged our allegiance to a Confederate Flag with French accents.

Cinco de Mayo, it's not just about selling beer.

Lets hear it for the underdog!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Click here for Star Wars news!!!!


From Lenny.cc
by ry2k:

India's movie industry handed out its version of the Oscars on Saturday at the Bollywood Movie Awards, and blew all credibility by naming David Hasselhoff the International Star of the Year.

The event was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey as part of Bollywood's bid to be a global force in cinema. Let's get this straight....party in Jersey and a guy who can act opposite a talking car is their big star......they're off to a helluva start.

Hassellhoff's "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider," are still going strong in India, which explains why the entertainment industy there is in the shitter.

"I'm proud of shows like Baywatch and Knight Rider because it's about saving lives, not taking lives," he told Lenny.CC. "It's entertainment, it's tongue in cheek, it brings the world together," he said, adding that the entertainment industry was a powerful force for good in the world.
"I think it's responsible for a lot of world peace," Hasselhoff said, adding that he was hoping to work in India soon on a project based on a series of romantic novels. After his comments, Hasselhoff ran of the stage in slow motion