Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Knight Noise #12: An Even Dozen

This week we discuss defunct beers, acronyms, morning greetings, marshmellows, 976 numbers and much more.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thursday Knight Noise #11: StarStruck

NOTE: There was 10 minutes of silence on the end of the first podcast file I uploaded. There should be a new, fixed version up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to Guy for reporting the problem.

This week we discuss encounters with famous people and much more including:

Catholic School Girls, Ricardo Montalban, Dustin Nguyen, Wild Boy, Kenny Rogers, Douglas Copeland, the Special Olympics and the Vista Cruiser.

This weeks podcast is in MP3 only. No enhanced version.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Emmy Update: Worst Jib Guy in the world?

--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)

I'm drunk

--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)

Emmy update

No win.
Where is the open bar I heard about?
--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)


Chuck Henry is here. The dude from Fresh Prince, the dad not Alfonso. We
got good seats
--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)

Emmy Update

Spotted Mark Brown (KABC), Fred Roggin (KNBC) but no Fritz Coleman.
The red carpet is abou 25 feet long and you pretty much get your photo
taken even when they have zero idea who you are. I thin that they are
going to sell the photos to us when we leave.
--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)

LA Emmys

2:51pm Lincoln Town Car, Huntington Beach.
We are on our way, Tony Hope and his wife, the driver and me. Just made
it. New short, new tie, borrowed shoes, bit looking pretty neat.

Special thanks to Jason for getting me to the church on time.
--toby wallwork (from Sidekick)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thursday Knight Noise #10

Sorry for the delay in podcasts. This weeks podcast was recorded in July but comedy is timeless.

This week we discuss meningitis, fruity snacks, craft services, hookers, tennis balls, floods, lollipops and laundry.

This weeks podcast is in MP3 only. No enhanced version.

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--thePrisoner (from Sidekick)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hidden camera footage of thePrisoner on a break at work.

I forgot that Toby speaks in his native tongue when he is angry.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Cheese Friday: Magic Cheese?

from BBC News:
People were persuaded to buy a powder which they could allegedly turn into "Magic Cheese", said to make skin look younger and to be highly valuable...
According to the police in Santiago (Chile), the suspect, Madame Gilberte van Erpe, or Madame Gil as she has been dubbed by the press, told people that "Magic Cheese" was the latest fashion in France, where women used it as a skin cosmetic to fight the effects of ageing. read more

Well of course it's the latest fashion in France. France is years ahead of the rest of the world in Cheese beauty technology. That's why all the serious cosmetology students go there to study.

But my question is; Why buy from some crazy lady when you can go to the source?

Toby & Jason: An Instant Messaging Conversation

Jason: hey jackass
Jason: guess where your phone is

Toby: are you shitting me?

Jason: it's at quiznos

Toby: goddamn it

Jason: someone just called us

Toby: I didn't know I even took it out

Jason: you are a retard
Jason: go get your phone

How Toby Can Make Millions Suing For Likeness Rights OR More Inappropriate Kids Toys

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dentyne Dares.

Bravo, it's about time one of our big corporate 'better-thans' got off
their collective butts and started using their formidable influence to
get some stuff done.

This morning I stole a packet of Dentyne ICE from the desk of a
co-worker, no big deal, I bet he stole it from someone else. Anyway who
cares, this is not about me. Mind your own business.

On the reverse of the packet (the back part) directly above the barcode
(don't get me started on those things, invented by the Nazis in 1943-
look it up, I'm serious
) above the barcode in blue and white, I saw
something that made me literally almost drop dead of a heart attack.


I swear, I saw it with my own eyes! Dentyne is owned by Cadbury Foods
and loosly affiliated with The Freemasons (Scottish Rites) ever since
the MacKedzie Accord of 1874 (they agreed to destroy the alien remains
and cover the whole thing up, check wikipedia for that one
). Strong ties
indeed, and now they are bringing their considerable power to bear on
these issues, just putting it out there has surely shaken the
foundations of society. And this is just DENTYNE-ISM #11!!

How many more 'isms' are there? When will Dentyne reveal the answers to
their investigations? What possessed them to take such a big risk,
potentially causing repercussions and response from those who are out
there and who like it when it is awkward when the music stops in bars?
Braver souls than I, that is certain.

Hats off to Dentyne! The answers are out there you guys, go get 'em!

--name withheld

Net Neutrality. Now with music!

It will effect you.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More From the "Hoffster"

Yes, I KNOW! why did it take this long for this Masterpiece to make it to The Smart Patrol???
oh because it's crap....naw!