Friday, December 19, 2014

New Demands From Sony Hackers.

(REUTERS) Early Friday morning a series of new demands from a group claiming to be the hackers behind the recent leaked materials from Sony were made public.
The demands appear to confirm that the hacker(s) are, as suspected, from North Korea or operating on North Korea's behalf.
Some of their demands include:
Re-releasing the famous Sony Walkman cassette player, but "Don't cheap out on the headphones so much, really give us a nice bit of padding on the ear thingies" and "Do something about the battery life, AA batteries are pretty spendy y'know".

Another demand:
A series of feature films featuring Steven Seagal as "A gruff former CIA hitman who suddenly has to run an orphanage full of these crazy kids, just adorable little tykes".  This demand came with an outline for "The first trilogy"in the series and a request for feedback to be delivered to a P.O. Box in North Hollywood.

Requests for comment by Sony representatives and Steven Seagal were not immediately responded to.

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